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All Terrain! Simmons Flexi-Ski
Only: $$389.00

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EARLY SEASON SALE!! ($20 off regular price $409)

"Best Aftermarket Ski" - so says Snow-Goer Magazine in their aftermarket ski shootout.

Unlike the many OEM skis with one wear-bar in the middle, the patent-pending design of Simmons Flexi-Ski has a wear-bar on both sides of the ski. With the Flexi-Ski, your snowmobile will carve its own way and won't dart around in everone else's grooves. The ski is concave between the wear-bars giving you superior control and awsome flotation. These skis come standard with 7" flat carbide wearbars. To have cutting carbide wearbars installed on a new pair of skis please specify above. One cutting carbide per ski recommended for most applications including any trail riding. Two cutting carbides per ski provides aggressive steering control and is recommended for very icy trail & lake riding only.
* Improves turning
* Absorbs the shocks normally taken by your arms and legs
* Ignores moguls, bumps and ruts
* Eliminates darting and takes the strain out of trail riding
* Increases sidehilling ability
* Provides better control of your sled going uphill and downhill
* Tremendous Flotation
* Lighter than steel skis
* Extensive testing on cross country racing, hill climbing and trail riding
* Available in several different colors and styles.
* Now you can even choose a different color for the ski loops. If no ski loop color is specified then the loop will be the same color as the ski.

Optional cooling fins attach to Flexi-Ski and directs icy spray from carbides onto slide rails to keep them cooler and save you money & hifax.

Replacement ski loops, carbide runners, mounting saddles, rubber pads & ski bottoms are available.<>br
Coming in mid December 2006!!

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